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Welcome to the Department of Biology at New Mexico State

The department of Biology at New Mexico State is home to faculty researchers, teaching faculty, and staff who work toward furthering science through world class research and teaching.  The department also serves undergraduate and graduate students as they become professionals in their fields.

Whether interested in medicine, research, or anything in between, the biology department is a great place for undergraduates to grow.  In addition to coursework, we welcome & encourage our undergraduates to become involved in research.  Undergraduate research provides opportunities for students to deepen their scientific understanding, gain skills in public presentation of data, and may lead to publications.

Graduate Students work with researchers towards master’s or doctorate degrees within our department.  Our graduate students conduct research while attending to coursework, & often while teaching.  Opportunities for teaching assistantships through the department are available to those that meet the criteria, and research assistantships are awarded through outside sources such as grants and fellowships.


Mission Statement

The mission of New Mexico State University is to serve the people of New Mexico through education, research, extension education, and public service, with special emphasis on preserving the state’s multi-cultural heritage, protecting its environment, and fostering its economic development in an interdependent world.  New Mexico State University is an equal opportunity institution welcoming all within our community, regardless of sex, color, or other circumstance.

The purposes of the NMSU Department of Biology are coincident with those of the University, in that we see our responsibilities falling into the general areas of teaching, research, and professional service.  The first two are considered to be synergistic and of equal importance; graduate and undergraduate instruction is enriched by student involvement in research, and instructors involved in research typically convey more current and higher-quality instruction.  The third area, professional service, is an important part of departmental activity.  In addition to these primary responsibilities, we see leadership as an important element of our activities and, when applicable, extension and outreach as contributing positively to our mission.

NMSU Biology Strategic Plan

Seminar Speakers Fall 2022 Download PDF

Congratulations to the Biology Undergraduate Scholarship awardees for 2022-2023!



Main office and stockroom Hours of Operation

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