Two new papers from the Hanley lab

Two new papers from the Hanley lab demonstrating collaboration of NMSU faculty within and across departments and with the NM Department of Health:
Karna, A.K, S.R. Azar, J.A. Plante, R. Yun, N. Vasilakis, S.C. Weaver, I.A. Hansen, K.A. Hanley. 2018. Colonized Sabethes cyaneus, a sylvatic New World mosquito species, shows low vector competence and a long extrinsic incubation period for Zika virus relative to Aedes aegyptiViruses 10:E434.
Kandel, Y., J. Vulcan, S.D. Rodriguez, A.S. Moon, E.L. Moore, H-N Chung, S. Mitra, J.J.  Cordova, K.J.L. MartinezP. Ettestad, A.Kulkarni, S.D. Melman, J.Xu, M. Buenemann, K.A. Hanley, I.A. Hansen. 2019. Widespread insecticide resistance in Aedes aegypti L. in New Mexico, U.S.A. PLoS One14:e0212693

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