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Emily Indriolo Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Plant Molecular Biology, Cell Signalling
Work Office: Foster Hall 477 Work Phone: Office: (575) 646-2175 Work Phone: Lab: (575) 646-2797
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The Indriolo lab researches pollen-pistil interactions in the mustard family of plants (Brassicaceae). The female pistil is able to accept or rejection male pollen grains through communication that occurs at the point of pollen contact. When the pistil accepts a compatible pollen grain the end result is seed set. I am interested in two aspects of this process; (1.) the signalling between the pollen grain and pistil at the cellular level (2.) the presence or absence of this signalling pathway in closely related species and how this impacts how that species accepts pollen grains.

The study of pollen-pistil interactions in the Brassicaceae has applications for both basic and applied research. With ever increasing number of Brassicaceae genomes available, we can examine the evolution of the pollen-pistil signalling pathways in a wide range of species. Secondly, Brassicaceae crops are agriculturally important as oilseed crops including Brassica (canola) and Camelina (false flax), and by understanding pollen-pistil interactions, we can determine how to improve yield in the field.

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