2016 Departmental Scholarships Awarded!

Thanks to the generous gifts of our donors, the Department of Biology is proud to announce the Biology Department Scholarship award recipients!

The Biology Department has a number scholarships that are awarded each year.  Following any specific criteria listed for individual scholarships, award decisions are based upon academic excellence as well as other accomplishments (e.g., community service, leadership, tutoring, honors or awards and involvement in research).  Applicants also must demonstrate commitment to their career goals through a written statement.

2016 Departmental Scholarship winners:

Bill and Donna Dehn Scholarship– Jacob Bennet, Alexander Chaidez, Nivia Grajeda, and Emily Riggs

David & Rita Warren Scholarship– Alandrah Bailey

Eugene Staffeldt Memorial Scholarship– Brandon Castillo, Moriah Daniel

Hirschmann Memorial Scholarship– Nawasa Iamsen

Joy B. Jefferson Scholarships- Alvaro Hobbs

Monger Scholarship– Valerie Brewer, Rbecca Galli, Clara Hansen, Jacqueline Kieltyka, Meera Shah, and Zoe Sullenger

Scott Ellington Memorial Scholarship– Alejandra Enriquez

Ralph J. Gutierrez Scholarship– Merissa Begay

Robert and Diana Munson Memorial Scholarship– Lorena Gomez

Thomas & Margorie Weems Scholarship– Dylan Gallegos

Travis and Wendy Traylor Memorial Scholarship– Surya Banerjee


2013 Departmental Scholarship winners:


Delta Dental Scholarship – Amanda Hand

Scott Ellington Memorial Scholarship – Jordyn Crouch, Whitney George, Emily Moore, & Emerald Andersen

Eugene Staffeldt Memorial Scholarship – Monica Munoz & Hannah Drumm

Hirschmann Memorial Scholarship – Emily Johnson & Cadence Furth

Joy B. Jefferson Scholarship (for Fr/So Micro mjrs) – Applehelen Kirby & Brooklyn Cochrane

Joy B. Jefferson Scholarship (for Bio/Micro mjrs) – Cana Tompkins & Megan Miller

David & Rita Warren Scholarship – Reanna Messer

Thomas & Margorie Weems Scholarship – Justin Provo & Max Ruben